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At Ivey Lane, we feel our installers are one of our greatest assets. They are our experts in the field that capture all of the valuable information the shop needs to fabricate your countertops. We want you to feel comfortable letting these gentlemen into your home. Rest assured they are highly qualified to measure and install your countertops.

Team: Tommy Lineberry and Jason Turley

Tommy Lineberry is our veteran installer with nearly 20 years of experience in the stone industry and 18 of those years at Ivey Lane. Having been here from Ivey Lane's inception has made Tommy one of the permanent fixtures of our company. As a husband to Madeline and father to four children, Erin, Paul, Ryan and Keli, Tommy is known for his strong work ethic and thorough careful nature. When he's not hard at work, Tommy takes time to play golf and care for his plants. An accomplished woodworker, Tommy put those valuable skills to work in the field by assessing any possible issues with cabinet structure or support and discussing those with the job contact.

Having experience both in the fabrication shop as well as an installer, Jason Turley has been a valuable member of the Ivey Lane family for 4 1/2 years and has worked with natural stone for 8 years. Jason has a busy family with his wife, Toni, three kids, a dog and a fish. He is known not only for his dedication to his job but also for being efficient, respectful and resourceful. In his free time, Jason enjoys golf, fishing and hunting. When asked what his favorite part of his job is Jason replied "the art of fabrication and working with the awesome people at Ivey Lane."

Team: Walter Wright and Khoen Kpuith

"Live each day to its fullest" is the philosophy that Walter Wright lives by. When he's not at work, he enjoys family time with his wife, Christine, and his girls, Sarah (9) and Caitlyn (15). He is an avid hunter and fisherman and loves spending time outdoors. A devoted worker that is patient, reliable and persistant, Walter has been fine-tuning his craft for 15 years in the stone industry. Making others happy with a job well done is his favorite part of his job. We have been blessed to have Walter as a member of the Ivey Lane family for 7 months.

Khoen Kpuith strives to "try his best in everything." He has lived in North Carolina for 10 years and is an American citizen from the Montagnard community (from the mountains of South Vietnam). Khoen has been married for three years to Sarah and they have a 1 1/2 year-old son. In addition to spending quality time with his family, he enjoys playing sports especially soccer and eating home-cooked food. Khoen has a real passion for his job and loves the uniqueness and colors of natural stone. His favorite part about working at Ivey Lane is how everyone works together to discover new ways of fabricating and to become more experienced. Khoen is celebrating his sixth year as a member of the Ivey Lane family.

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Meet the Ivey Lane Installers
Meet the Ivey Lane Shop and Office Staff
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Welcome to Ivey Lane

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